GHGHL League Play Rules

  1. Schedules:

 (a) A minimum of 4 weeks notice is required for any Regular season game to be rescheduled. Teams taking part in tournaments during the playoff season must declare these tournament dates prior to Playoff scheduling. There will be no rescheduling of Playoff games unless mutually agreed upon by both Associations.

(b) No games will be played during the Christmas Break, March Break or Easter Weekend. The March break duration is typically a period of 9 days beginning the weekend before March Break week and ending the weekend after March Break week. GHGHL does not prohibit games from being played during this period, and centres can schedule games during this period if both teams agree.

(c) No games are to be cancelled except in cases of extreme weather situations. Association Contacts are to manage all extreme weather situations and game cancellations.

(d) The Regular season will start in October and end first week February. (Reviewed yearly)

(e) Playoffs start the first Saturday in February and end either the end of March or early April depending on the year.


  1. Team Rosters

Association representatives are to provide a copy of OWHA certified team rosters for each GHGHL team to the Executive.


  1. Pick-up / Call-Over Players:

 A Pick-Up player/goalie must be from a lower division within the same Association, however with exceptions noted for goalies and during playoffs. This is more detailed in the League Rules Section 3.

  A Call-Over player/goalie will be from another team in the same division, and from within the same Association. Again some exceptions may apply for goalies. This is more detailed in the League Rules Section 


(a) No Pick-Up players are to be used in league games unless a team has less than 10 skaters and 1 goalie. In this case they will be permitted to Pick-Up enough players to provide them with a maximum of 10 skaters and 1 goalie. Impacted Association must notify the other Association of Pick-Up players and ensure it is noted on the game sheet. Limit the use of the same Pick-Up player to 3 times per season. Use of Pick-Up players must be done in accordance with OWHA rules, regulations, policies and procedures, and must be clearly marked on the game sheet as PU. A Call-Over player is not permitted during the regular season.

(b) Use of other Association goalies is permissible during regular season and playoff games. This should be applied only when the impacted Association cannot acquire a Pick-Up or Call-Over goalie from within their own Association. When a goalie from another Association is to be used, permission is required by the affected Association House League Convenors as well as the GHGHL Executive.


  1. Game Sheet, Time Clock & Curfews

(a) In Arenas where the assigned game time is subject to curfew a rostered member of the coach staff from both teams are required to initial next to the curfew notices on the game sheet prior to the start of the game. There should also be a check mark on the OTHER box. If no curfew time is assigned or initialled on the game sheet and the game was in fact subject to a curfew then the game can be subjected to be replayed at the home team's expense if so directed by the GHGHL Association Representatives.

(b) A three minute warm up shall be set and run on the score clock at the beginning of each game.

(c) All regular season and playoff games will consist of 3 stop time periods (10 - 10 -12) and possibly subject to a curfew time.

(d) Team officials are required to keep a copy of all played games in case of scoring discrepancies. Home teams should also forward or submit the copy original copy online.


  1. Reporting of Games Results

(a) Home teams are responsible for inputting game results on the Greater Hamilton Girls Hockey League website at, with the visiting team then confirming the game report. Game reports include final score, player's goals and assists and penalty minutes as well as goalie stats (if possible). Associations are responsible to submit team rosters with player's numbers for each team playing in the GHGHL prior to the start of the season.

(b) Each Association controls access for their teams to input scores. They will also decide if this will be controlled by their House League Convenor or designate. However, it is the responsibility of the Home team to have the game report filed in a timely manner.

Coaches (or designated scoring submitter) are to submit scores online within 72 hrs after the game was played. If the Home team has not reported the score on the GHGHL site after a period of 72 hrs, a (0-1) loss will be assessed to the Home team.

(c) All regular season scoring discrepancies must be reported before confirming the game report online. A copy of the game sheet(s) are required to prove accurate scores for all disputes.

  1. d) Games cancelled or rescheduled for weather, absent referees etc. must be reported to your local Association Convenor as well as the other Associations Convenor within 24hrs of the original game date and time. This will avoid the game from being locked out of the system. Each GHGHL game is assigned a game number and when rescheduling this game the game number will remain the same. The Association designated submitter will contact the Webmaster to change the game to a newly agreed upon date. Associations involved in these cancelled games must provide the new game date within the 72 hour window to the Divisional Convenor. Forfeit games will be assessed a (0-1) loss.

(e) All playoff scoring discrepancies must be reported to your Associations Convenor (or designated scoring submitter) before confirming the game report online. A copy of the game sheet(s) are required to prove accurate scores for all disputes.



  1. OWHA Rules and Regulations will apply to all other situations.


  1. If there is a tie in points after the regular season or when establishing pods for playoffs the following criteria shall be used to break the tie.

              (a) Number of wins

              (b) Fewest losses

              (c) Head to Head

              (d) Fewest penalty minutes during season

              (e) Goals scored minus goals against during season

              (f) Coin toss


         8.    Three Penalties Rule

Any player who receives 3 (three) minor penalties in one game will be ejected. This game ejection is only for the remainder of that game when the third minor penalty is accessed.


Player Suspensions


"All Suspensions or Misconducts under the direct jurisdiction of OWHA and must be managed in accordance with OWHA protocol". This includes: players, coaches, trainers and managers.



Code of Conduct


The GHGHL and all its Association Members follow on and off the ice the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association Code of Conduct, and will not bring discredit to the League and/or the sport of Women’s hockey.



Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct identifies the standard of behaviour which is expected of all Ontario Women's Hockey Association (OWHA) Members, including athletes, coaches, parents, directors, volunteers, staff, chaperones and others.


OWHA Teams, Associations, Programmes and Leagues are committed to providing a sport environment in which all individuals are treated with respect. Members of the OWHA shall conduct themselves at all times in a fair and responsible manner. Members shall refrain from comments or behaviours which are disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist or sexist. In particular, behaviour which constitutes harassment or abuse will not be tolerated by the OWHA. During the course of all OWHA activities and events, members shall avoid behaviour which brings OWHA members or the sport of hockey into disrepute, including but not limited to abusive use of alcohol and non-medical use of drugs.


Members shall not use unlawful or unauthorized drugs/narcotics or performance enhancing drugs or methods. Members of the OWHA shall not engage in activity or behaviour which endangers the safety of others.


OWHA members shall at all times adhere to the OWHA Team, Association, Programme and League operational policies and procedures, to rules governing the OWHA events and activities and to rules governing any competition in which the member participates on behalf of the OWHA.


OWHA Harassment, Abuse, Bullying and Misconduct Policy:





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