Manual Of Operations





ARTICLE I - Identity

The name of the organization shall be called the Greater Hamilton Girls Hockey League hereinafter referred to as the GHGHL, operating as a Hockey League and deriving its authority from its governing body, the Ontario Women's Hockey Association (OWHA). Teams participating in the League shall be approved by the OWHA on an annual basis. The GHGHL agrees to follow all regulations, rules, policies and procedures set forth by the OWHA and agree that the GHGHL Constitution, rules, regulations, policies and/or other such operational documents require prior approval of the OWHA at its sole discretion.

ARTICLE II - Objectives

(a) To provide an equitable playing environment for all participants of varying playing ability.

(b) To support an opportunity for progressive development of all players to a higher level of play.

(c) To foster cooperation, sportsmanship and friendship among competing Associations.


This league agrees to accept and enforce all OWHA rulings. The OWHA shall receive copies of all-league and executive correspondence and shall be welcome at all general and executive meetings.

ARTICLE IV - Membership

Membership in this League shall be composed of Girls Hockey League Teams that have been approved by the OWHA and agree to abide by and comply with the rules and operations of the OWHA and the GHGHL. All teams wishing to play in the GHGHL must have the consent of their Local Association.

ARTICLE V - GHGHL Regular Meetings

Regular GHGHL meetings are to be held at least once every two months unless advised of changes from the Executive. A list of scheduled meetings will be provided to all Associations. All meetings are to be recorded.
Voting at these meetings is confined to GHGHL Executives and the Association Representatives.

  • There is one (1) vote allowed per Association.
  • A quorum shall consist of a majority of the Association Representatives (50%+ 1).
  • Invited Guests are welcomed at these meetings and are allowed to speak for "the good of female hockey".
  • Invited Guests wishing to address the GHGHL must be placed on the Agenda five days prior to the meeting date.

 ARTICLE VI - Annual General Meeting

The GHGHL shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the end of the year, usually during the month following Super Sunday. Mandatory meeting for all Associations to attend.
Each Association is permitted one (1) vote only.
Notices of motion for amendments shall be submitted to the Secretary in writing and to the OWHA, at least thirty days prior to the annual meeting. The GHGHL Executive and/or Association Representatives may submit these notices of motions. Two Executive members [President and Secretary] shall sign GHGHL Executive submissions. Their associations President and Secretary shall also sign submissions from Association Representatives. Not all notice of motion that has received approval of the OWHA shall be circulated in writing to each member Association any later than (14) fourteen days prior to the Annual General meeting.
Articles of this constitution can be altered, rescinded or new ones adopted, by the GHGHL representatives, by a simple majority of associations, or who are present at the time of the vote or who have responded to online voting.
Proxy votes will not be accepted.

The GHGHL meetings shall be open to all working members of the Member Associations of the league.

The order of business at the GHGHL meetings shall be as follows:
a.  Reading/Approval of Minutes from previous meetings
b.  Reading of correspondence, notices and other communication
c.  House League Reports
d.  Super Sunday Reports
e.  OWHA Report
f.   Amendments
g.  Elections of Officers (Nominations may be made from the floor)
h.  Old Business
I.  New Business
j.  Adjournment

Note: Meeting Agendas contents and order may vary from time to time.

All reports, as in above, shall be accompanied by a written summary of the current year's activities and one copy of each report shall be made available to each member association of the GHGHL.

ARTICLE VII - Special Meetings

On request of five or more of the member Associations, the President of the GHGHL is empowered to call a special meeting to deal with specific situations.


The GHGHL shall consist of the following members who will be known as the Executive Officers, the Association Representatives and the OWHA Representative.

a) The Executive Officers of the GHGHL are elected by GHGHL Representatives and shall be composed of the following: 

1. President, 2. Vice President, 3. Secretary, 4. Treasurer, 5. Discipline Chair.

Under NO circumstances will the same Association hold the President and Vice President positions.
Voting privileges will not be extended to the President unless a tie vote.
All positions are for two years.

b) Election Cycle:
President - Odd Years 

Vice President - Even Years 

Treasurer - Odd Years 

Secretary - Even Years

Discipline Chair - Odd Years


c) Duties of the Executive Officers:

President: Shall preside at all meetings of the GHGHL and when necessary may cast a vote in the event of a tie. He/She shall call meetings of the Executive members when deemed necessary and act as a signing officer on all documents pertaining to the operation of the League. The President shall be an ex-officer member of any committee. He/she is unable to move or second motions. The President shall be elected from members of the OWHA, who has sat for at least one year in the GHGHL.

Vice President: Shall perform such duties as are assigned by the President and substitute for him/her as required. He/She shall serve as a signing officer if required. The Vice President shall oversee the Playoffs, assist with Super Sunday Committee and provide all association representatives with the appropriate related information, arrange for the procurement and presentation of the GHGHL Super Sunday Awards in conjunction with the Super Sunday Committee and any other awards as determined by the GHGHL.

The Secretary: Shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of the GHGHL and maintain an up-to-date mailing list of all Association Representatives, Centre Presidents, and the OWHA Representative(s).  Responsibilities include but not limited to:  ensure all correspondence of the GHGHL is kept up to date, keep a record of all decisions made at meetings, deliver or cause to be delivered, the complete and accurate meeting minutes, an account of each and every meeting (including any special meetings) as well as notices of future meetings to each Association Representative, GHGHL Executive Officers and the OWHA Representative(s) no later than fourteen (14) days after the conclusion of each meeting.

The Treasurer: Shall collect and properly record all finances involving the GHGHL. He/She shall have the signing authority along with the President and/or Vice President for all documents on behalf of the League. Issued GHGHL cheques shall have two signatures on them. He/She shall collect any fees, fines, reimburse and invoices on all league activities. Develop and maintain GHGHL operating budget.

Discipline Chair: Shall ensure and monitor each association's disciplinary issues. Game sheets sent to the Chair to make sure all penalties logged properly on the GHGHL website. The Discipline Chair shall form a committee to help oversee information and issues that arise where some form of disciplinary resolution is necessary from the GHGHL. OWHA rulings cannot be reduced or overturned but can be added to. 

All GM’s, MP’s, and GRM’s will be reported first to the OWHA as mandated and then to Disciplinary  within 72hrs. Information collected will be used to keep track of, maintain a list of repeat offenders and all suspension offences to assist or recommend further discipline measures. Will send reports to all league members.

Failure to report suspension offences will adhere to a fine charged to the Association as follows: 1st offence - Warning, 2nd offence - $25, 3rd offence - $50, 4th offence $75 and 5th offence maximum $100 and Association loses voting rights for 1 year.

d)  Duties of the Association Representatives

Association Representatives shall be appointed by each Association in the League and become a part of the GHGHL Board of Directors.

It is his/her responsibility to see that the League functions smoothly and make his/her Association aware of its commitments to the League and to the OWHA. He/She shall distribute League literature in his/her Association when required. The Association representative shall have the right to vote and is responsible for ensuring that their Centre is represented at every GHGHL meeting.

The Association Representative is also responsible to ensure that they, or a qualified alternate, is present for every GHGHL game hosted by their Association.

Association Representatives are responsible for ensuring that all GHGHL games hosted by their Centre are played within the rules of the GHGHL (i.e. Game Lengths, Curfew, Equal Ice Time, Qualified on and off ice Officials) and for reporting all deviations to the within 24 hours of the game.

The Association Representative is responsible for ensuring that all game results are reported for each of their team's (Home & Away) and for ensuring the stats are accurate for each of their teams. Any alternate Association representative shall be named by each association to act as their respective representative in the absence of the duly appointed representative. In all cases, each Association will be limited to a single vote on any and all issues.

e) Duties of Committees:

Super Sunday Committee (Host)

The Super Sunday Committee shall oversee all aspects of Super Sunday; seek assistance from the host Association as well as all association representatives, also to collect invoices for reimbursement. A Chair will be selected to oversee the event and report to the membership. It is recommended that the Chair be the representative of the hosting Association. Each Association is required to provide help for this major event. Set vendor fees and collect for the GHGHL. All vendor fees will be turned over to the GHGHL Treasurer.

ARTICLE IX - Amendments to the Rules

a)  Any requests for modifications, additions, or deletions shall be in the form of a notice of motion to be circulated at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the next regular monthly meeting.

b)  These Policies and Procedures may be amended, revised, repealed or added to by ordinary resolution of the voting members present at any regular meeting of the Greater Hamilton Girls Hockey league by the vote of a simple majority of associations, present at the time of the vote or who respond to online voting. Any changes are to only take place at the AGM or prior to the season starting. No changes once the season has started unless voted to reopen by the majority.








For the purpose of all GHGHL By-Laws, the following words, terms and expressions are defined as follows:

Association GHGHL Representative:  A person who has been selected from their local association to represent them at the GHGHL functions.

OWHA Representative:  The OWHA Business Office/Representative is the communication point for the league and shall coordinate its representatives. 


  • Membership


(a) On an annual basis, Associations and teams must be approved by the OWHA in order to be considered for participation in the GHGHL. Associations shall be in good standing prior to the first meeting of the new season.  Any outstanding fees must be paid from the previous season and proof must be presented prior to the first meeting. All Associations agree to follow and adhere to all current OWHA and GHGHL rules, regulations, and operations.

(b) Each Association is to submit payment for all invoices in a timely manner set forth by the GHGHL Executive committee. Invoicing may include, but is not limited to, league fees associated with Super Sunday, trophies/medals, the GHGHL Website, or any other fees earned or brought forth by the Executive or Association Representatives. Annual Association Bond will be determined by the Treasurer and Association Representatives to cover the initial start-up League fees at the beginning of every season. The due date for payment is set by the GHGHL Treasurer. The Association Bond is a form of financial debt security. If any Association owes the GHGHL monies as a result of fines, the amounts owed will be deducted from their Association Bond. This measure eliminates the need for GHGHL to collect fines from a given Association during the course of the season. At the beginning of each hockey season, Associations will be made aware of their Association Bond status and if they are below the Bond limit, they must “top-up” to the required Bond limit in order to maintain their membership status in the GHGHL.

(c) Non-members wishing to join the GHGHL are required to submit a letter of request to participate in the GHGHL, addressed to the GHGHL Executive, no later than August 1st of the current year. Any Non-member submitting such a request must be willing to attend and formally present their request. A majority vote of all current GHGHL members will secure participation for the upcoming season.

(d) Membership in the GHGHL requires each Non-member to:

  • New membership must be voted in by current Association Representatives.
  • Attend all four Mandatory meetings: beginning of the year General Meeting, League Scheduling, League Playoffs, and end of the year Annual Meeting. Associations can provide a replacement representative; however, that individual must be in a position to make decisions on behalf of the original member.
  • An Association will lose voting rights for missing (2) Mandatory meetings per season and receive a GHGHL fine of $50.
  • Each Association must submit payment for any outstanding fees no later than the AGM meeting or risk losing voting rights for one year until payment is received and will be considered as a member, not in good standing with a potential/or subject to GHGHL fine of $100.
  • Provide all team rosters to the Executive by a set date, load all rostered players and coaching staff on the website and submit Schedules to the webmaster prior to the first game of the season.
  • All association teams to attend Super Sunday at the desired location as indicated/ set forth by the Executive and Membership. 
  •  All members must abide by and comply with all rules/operations of the GHGHL.

Note: Failure to meet membership requirements will result in losing voting rights for one year and will be considered as a member, not in good standing.


  • Team Composition


OWHA rosters must be submitted to the GHGHL Executive prior to the beginning of the season. GHGHL Associations should strive to have, at the very least, a minimum of 11 players per team (10 players + goalie). In all cases, Associations must declare their final rosters, for each team in their Association, on the date established by the GHGHL. An exact date will be determined prior to the Scheduling meeting. Balancing of the teams should be completed well before this time.


  • Super Sunday


All Associations must host Association support for this event and volunteers. Fees for this event shall be paid 2 weeks prior to the date of the event or risk a $50 Association fine. Vendors are welcome for a set fee or percentage determined by the Super Sunday Committee Host and Association Representatives. This will be reviewed annually. Monies received from Vendors are to be paid to the GHGHL. Cost for Super Sunday is to be divided up by the number of teams an Association has in the GHGHL. All teams slated for Super Sunday are to attend. 


  • Opt-Out of League play


Association teams who opt-out of league play will not take part in league play, playoffs or Super Sunday. Those who wish to opt-out will need to seek scheduling and other teams outside of the GHGHL.


  • Memorandum of Understanding


All Associations and Teams who wish to be members of the Greater Hamilton Girls Hockey League (GHGHL) agree by signing this document to follow all rules, regulations set forth by the GHGHL and OWHA. That partaking or not in compliance with such rules or regulations would be considered as being members of not good standing which will lead to disciplinary actions against the Association or Team and the possibility of removal from the league. 


  • Code Of Conduct


The GHGHL and all its Association Members shall follow the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association Code of Conduct (see excerpt below); on and off the ice and shall not bring discredit to the League and/or the sport of Women’s hockey.


Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct identifies the standard of behaviour that is expected of all Ontario Women's Hockey Association (OWHA) Members, including athletes, coaches, parents, directors, volunteers, staff, chaperones, and others.

OWHA Teams, Associations, Programs and Leagues are committed to providing a sports environment in which all individuals are treated with respect. Members of the OWHA shall conduct themselves at all times in a fair and responsible manner. Members shall refrain from comments or behaviors that are disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist, or sexist. In particular, behaviour that constitutes harassment or abuse will not be tolerated by the OWHA. During the course of all OWHA activities and events, members shall avoid behaviour that brings OWHA members or the sport of hockey into disrepute, including but not limited to abusive use of alcohol and non-medical use of drugs.

Members shall not use unlawful or unauthorized drugs/narcotics or performance-enhancing drugs or methods. Members of the OWHA shall not engage in activity or behaviour that endangers the safety of others.

OWHA members shall at all times adhere to the OWHA Team, Association, Programs, and League operational policies and procedures, to rules governing the OWHA events and activities, and to rules governing any competition in which the member participates on behalf of the OWHA.

OWHA Harassment, Abuse, Bullying and Misconduct Policy:


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