GHGHL Playoff Rules


                                                    GHGHL Playoff Rules

  1. Each game will consist of two 10-minute stop time periods and one 12- minute
    stop time period, subject to curfews, which must be noted on game sheet.
  2. Points will be awarded as follows: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0
    points for a loss.
  3. Home team must report score to within 24 hours of the game. Subject to $25
    league fine.
  4. Forfeit Games: the away team must reimburse the host Association for cost of
    referees, ice time and timekeepers. Associations can also workout an alternative
    arrangement. Forfeit team will receive 0-5 loss
  5. If there is a tie in points after the round robin games, the following criteria
    will be used to break the tie:
    (a) Number of wins
    (b) Least number of losses
    (c) Head to Head
    (d) Fewest penalty minutes in round robin play
    (e) Goals scored minus the goals against in round robin games
    (f) Coin toss
  6. One 30 second timeout per team will be allowed Championship Final games
    ? Games will consist of 10 - 10 -12 minute stop-time periods, SUBJECT TO
    CURFEW. This will be reviewed annually and subject to change based on
    available ice times.
    ? If a goal differential of 5 (or greater) is reached during the game, run-time
    will be in effect until the differential is reduced to less than 5 or until the
    game is complete.
    ? If the game is tied at the end of regulation, shootout will take place
    immediately after the regulation time. Teams will not switch ends at the end
    of the 3rd period. This will be reviewed yearly and is subject to change
    depending on ice availability.
    ? Each team will designate their shooters and the order that they will shoot
    before the start of the game (entire team).
    ? The first three shooters from each team will shoot, one from each team
    simultaneously, total goals for all three shooters.
    ? If still tied a sudden death shootout will take place.
    ? No one can shoot twice until all players have shot once.
    ? No player serving a penalty will be allowed in the shootout, her spot in the
    pre-assigned shooting order will be taken out and all other players will move
    up one spot.
    ? No changes in the order will be allowed once the game has begun.
  8. Teams must be at the arena at least 1 hour before their scheduled game time and
    prepared to go on the ice 1/2 hour before the scheduled game time if requested to
    do so.


  1. Playoff Pick-Up

(a) No Pick-Up players permitted for Playoffs nor Super Sunday exception is for Goalies only which the GHGHL Executive will review.

(b) All Pick-Up goalies must be clearly marked on the game sheet as PU.

(c) Any team found to be using Pick-Up player(s) and not following these guidelines will forfeit all games (0-5 loss) that an unauthorized player(s) have been used in.

*3 Penalty Rule still applies - Player receiving three individual penalties of any kind will be removed for the rest of the game


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